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May 8, 2014

Teleteria Turns 20

Teleteria, a company founded in 1994 by Jay Servidio celebrates its 20th year in business. This is a huge accomplishment and all are very excited. In 1994 the adult internet industry was exploding. Jay Servidio came up with the idea of providing custom adult turnkey sites to the general public and having them get paid on their revenues direct from the billing company. This gave their clients huge profits and no middle men. This was a breakaway concept.

The adult internet industry was a child born of the adult phone industry or more simply put, 900 numbers.

If you purchased a 900 number and set about to profit in that business you had to go to a service bureau. The service bureau would make a profit off of each and every minute of time your phone had. They would also manipulate the reporting and steal from 25-50% of the minutes as there was no regulation and no validation on their reporting. An advertiser could not simply contact AT&T and ask for minutes on a particular 900 number as they were not the person of record for that number. The service bureau was.

The bureaus were going to use the same concept in the adult internet industry. Jay Servidio knew this and simply offered the public a better, more honest mouse trap.

Jay Servidio has been written up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and several other periodicals.Jay Servidio has been on tv and the radio and spoken at conferences worldwide. Now in its 20th year they crew and clients of Teleteria have had a wild ride.

They offer a simple turnkey package building a custom site, providing leased content from the biggest names in the business, live cams, toy store and a dating site. They put it all together in one site and give it to the customer who then goes out and drives traffic to it and profits. They also teach the user how to drive traffic and provide seven day a week support since 1994.Call Jay Servidio today and get started.

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